Academic Advancement Center

Academic Advancement Center is an initiative by the college to improve academic performance of the students. The center conducts learning level tests to identify students based on their academic performance and classifies them into academically weaker and brighter students. The center offers basic and advanced learners’ programs to further enhance the academic capacity of respective students. It pays special attention to academically weaker students by organizing intervention strategies in terms of language skills, improving memory, learning and writing skills, etc.As a vision policy, the college strives to help the students’ community through the Academic Advancement Center activities in improving their academic performance.

Recent Activities under Academic Advancement Center

Academic Advancement Center in Association with Growth Center organized an Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) and Personal Enrichment Program (PEP) for the students of SYBA and TYBA respectively on 13th and 18th Dec. 2017. Total of 51 students from SYBA participated in AEP and 39 students from TYBA participated in PEP.

Academic Advancement Center organized a workshop on "Communication and Presentation Skills" conducted by ITM, for the students of TYBAMM, TYBA, and BCom (UGC Vocational Advertising) on 3rd October 2017.