Smt.M.M.P. Shah Women’s College of Arts & Commerce enables financially needy students to complete their higher education and post-graduation by providing free ships and scholarships to them. Two types of assistance are provided:

1. College – Level Free ships / Scholarships
2. Government – Level Free ships / Scholarships

Committee Members:

  • Mrs. (CA) Soumya Nichani – Convenor, Assistant Professor, Accountancy
  • Mrs. Darshana Buch – Assistant Professor, Foundation Course
  • Mrs. Rashmi Tupe – Lecturer, Marathi
  • Mrs. Hemlata Kumar – Coordinator, BMS
  • Mrs. Shagufta Memon – Coordinator, BAMM
  • Mr. Dattatray Gawade – Coordinator, BCom – AFI
  • Mr. Mohammed Shahid Ansari - Lecturer, BCom – AFI

College – Level Free ships / Scholarships
Eligible Students are required to fill up the free ship & Scholarship form of the College together with attachments such as attested copies of AadharCard, Income Declaration, address proof and bank account details. After verification and approval of the forms and along with teacher’s recommendation, the freeship amounts are disbursed via RTGS to the respective bank accounts of the students.

To fill the form click here

Government – Level Freeships / Scholarships
Students are required fill up the forms online from the Government websites with the help of designated non-teaching staff member – MS. BHARTI DALVI – Jr. Clerk. The requisite documents required are uploaded on the Government websites. In case of Offline forms the hard copies have to be submitted to the Govt. agencies.

During the academic year 2017-2018, Quest Foundation has granted free ships and scholarships to our students to the tune of Rs. 12,49,600.

List of donors for students’ free ships and scholarships
Shri Jaswant Bhai Shah Shri Maheshbhai Garodia
Smt. Vijayaben Parikh Smt. Bharatiben Mazumdar
Shri. Panalal Shah Shri C. H. Mehta
Shri. Pranlal Mehta Shri. Keshavlal R. Shah
Smt. Kantaben C. Mehta Lions Club of Kings Circle
Karmayogi Pratisthan Shri. Jaisukh D. Vasant
Shri. Bhupen M. Parekh Shri Pranlal Vora
Mrs. Siddhida Trivedi  

Standard operating procedure (sop) for grant of freeships & scholarships.

The following steps are followed by the Scholarship & Freeship Committee for grant of freeships and scholarships to students on annual basis. The following categories are addressed here

College – Level Freeships / Scholarships
Govt. – Level Freeships / Scholarships

College – Level Freeships / Scholarships

  1. Meetings are held by the Committee members to discuss the format of the form at the start of the academic year.
  2. The freeship/scholarship forms are prepared and forwarded to Principal for approval. Eligibility criteria are discussed with Principal & Mgmt. and incorporated in the form.
  3. Teachers across all levels and streams are appointed and informed about the freeship facility and the criteria they may employ to identify the students.
  4. Teachers are given due dates within which they have to give the list of identified students from their respective classes.
  5. List is given by the concerned teachers to the committee alongwith the % marks of previous academic year.
  6. Forms are given to the teachers with the guidelines for attachments required such as attested copies of aadhar card, income declaration, address proof and bank account details. Teacher’s recommendation also obtained on the form. Time-Limit for submission of forms is also informed to the teachers.
  7. Forms collected by committee and verified.
  8. Donors list reflecting amount donated by the donors is prepared and submitted to Principal. The same is forwarded to the Management after checking by Internal Auditor
  9. On approval of the donors list by Mgmt. – a Statement of Allocation of funds to students with bank details is prepared. This statement is prepared class wise.
  10. The Donors List and Statement of student-wise allocation is submitted to SMES.
  11. The freeship amounts are disbursed by SMES via RTGS to the respective bank accounts of the students.
  12. Any discrepancies like wrong bank details etc. are notified by the committee to the respective teachers and followed-up by the Committee.
  13. Letters of gratitude along with Donor-Wise - Detailed list of students availing the freeship is prepared and forwarded to the Donors.

Govt. – Level Freeships / Scholarships

  1. Scholarship/Freeship forms from the Govt. website are downloaded. Official notices are prepared and displayed in the college.
  2. The students fill up the forms online with the help of non-teaching staff member. The requisite documents are uploaded on the Government websites.
  3. In case of Offline forms the hard copies are submitted to the Government depts.