Sport acts as a vehicle for supporting and sustaining the ethos of the college which centers on human relationships, friendship, energy and enrichment, responsibility and leadership.

  • To develop an understanding of the importance of sport in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle at the college and beyond.
  • Encourage members to promote the active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical activities according to their interests and abilities.
  • Promote universal recognition that organized youth sports can develop positive attributes including healthy lifestyle, self-esteem, fair play and good citizenship.
  • Development of youth leadership qualities.

Lt. Suvarna Joshi
Mrs. Vandana Saha

Kolhapur Tournament

Sr. Intercollegiate Tournament held at S.M Desai College, Kolhapur dated 26th to 30th September, 2019 we won following prizes.

Carrom 1st place
Ms. Amna Sayyed (TYBCOM) and
Ms. Aishwarya Bandarapur(SYBA) Awarded Best Player.

Fencing 3rd place
Ms. Shubhangi Bhagat(FYBCOM)

Ms. PranitaHatankar (SYBCOM) 100mtr run (1st place), Ms. Rupali Patil (SYBA) Javelin throw (4th place) 80 metre, Hurdels 4th place. relay (4th place)

Road Race
10KMMs. DivyaThange (SYBCOM) Ms. PranitaHatankar (SYBCOM) got (15th place), Ms. Nidhi Patankar (FYBCOM) (19th place).

Ms. Pranitahatankar (SYBCOM) 1st place in 100mtr run

Ms. Shubhangi bhagat (FYBCOM) fencing 3rd place


Carrom 1st place Ms. Amna sayyed (TYBCOM) and Ms. Aishwarya Bandarapur (SYBA) Ms. Aishwarya Bandarapur Awarded Best Player

Minithon Road Race

Minithon Road Race: Run for Fun and Fitness organized by Department of Physical Education, SNDT Women’s University, Juhu Campus on 9th February, 2020 where 40 students participated and won 4th Prize in the race.