Degree College

BA – in Mass Media

BA in Mass Media - Program Specific Outcome
Semester – I Semester - II
Effective Communication Skills Environmental Studies
Fundamental of Mass Communication Indian Political and Economic Systems
Contemporary world history Introduction to Psychology
Traditional Media Basic writing
Introduction to sociology Introduction to Computers

Semester – III Semester - IV
Introduction to print media Introduction to broadcasting
Basics of Advertising Integrated Marketing Communication
Fundamentals of Public relations Introduction to new media
Visual Communication Writing for media
Principles of Management a. Women’s Studies
b. Women and Media

Semester – V Semester - VI
Choose ANY 1 Specialization Choose ANY 1 Specialization
Advertising & PR Journalism Advertising & PR Journalism
Research in Mass Media Research in Mass Media Internship Internship
Advertising and Marketing Political and Economic Reporting for print Media Advertising and Society News Media Organization & Management
Consumer Behaviour Newspaper Editing Layout & Design Laws and Ethics in Advertising Broadcast Journalism
Branding Magazines and Journals Advertising Agencies Social and Developmental Reporting for Print Media
Media planning and Scheduling Press Laws and Ethics