National Cadet Corps

NCC develops character, leadership abilities, comradeship and a spirit of adventure.

  • NCC aims to develop qualities like good character discipline, patriotism, secularism, selfless service, courage, comradeship, sportsmanship, adventure etc among the Indian youth to mould them into contributing citizens of the nation.
  • It also aims to create a resource of human youth who are competent to take responsibilities in various walks of life.
  • It also aims to create a pool of human youth to absorb into Indian armed forces like army, navy, air force and paramilitary forces.

Ms. Rajeshree Karanjkar (Navy Wing)
Ms. Suvarna Joshi

Wall Painting Competition

Our NCC cadets won 1st Prize for Wall Painting Competition (Topic: Swacha Bharat Abhiyan) held at M.D. Shah Mahila College of Arts and Commerce, Malad on 13th December, 2019.
Saturday 26th Sep 2020
Monday , 28 September 2020
External IQAC Meeting
On Google Meet Platform at 3.30PM
Friday , 2 October 2020
Gandhi Jayanti
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