Ms Shruti Mokashi won 3rd Prize in Elocution competition organized by Gandhian Studies centre and Food Science & Nutrition dept. at Dr BMN College of Home Science, Matunga on 19thAugust 2019.

Ms. Pooja Tigayaa (BAII Hindi Major student) got 1st Prize and Ms Anoushka Gupta (BA I Psychology Major student) got 3rd Prize in Poetry writing and recitation competition at ‘Akanksha’, organised by Dr. BMN College of Home Science, Matunga on 23rd August 2019.

Ms Sana Mohd Saeed (BA Istudent) got 1st prize and Ms Arati Sharma (BAII student)got 2nd prize in Kayha-Kathan Competition organised by Department of Hindi on 31st July 2019.

31 students participated in Regional Yuva Mahotsav on 18th September, 2019 at SNDT College of Arts & SCB College of Commerce and Science for Women, Churchgate.

Students won the following prizes:
  1. 1st prize in Classical Solo song
  2. 1st prize in Folk Dance
  3. 3rd prize in Western Group Song
  4. 3rd prize in One Act Play
  5. 3rd prize in Light Vocal
  6. Consolation prize in Street Play
59 students participated in Yuva Mahotsav Finale on 26th and 27th September, 2019 at SNDT College of Arts & SCB College of Commerce and Science for Women, Churchgate. Students won the following prizes:
  • 1st prize in Elocution Gujarati Medium
  • 1st prize in Essay Gujarati Medium
  • 1st prize in Folk Dance
  • 1st prize in One Act Play
  • 2nd Prize in Rangoli
  • 2nd Prize in Solo Classical Indian Song
  • Consolation prize in Street Play
  • Consolation prize in Light Vocal Solo Indian
  • Consolation prize in Collage
  • Best Actress to Nikita Bhavsar in One Act Play
  • Best Actor Merit to Aachal Waghela in One Act Play
Students won following prizes in various events during the ‘Hindi Saptah’ organised by dept. of Hindi
Story telling
Zainab Khatoon 1st prize
Sunita Jaiswal 2nd prize
Shaheen B Ramzan Ali 3rd Prize

Sunita Jaiswal 1st prize
Asha Subash Patil Consolation

Puja Tigaya 1st prize
Zainab Khatoon 2nd prize

Folk Singing 
Sweta Shikare 1st prize
Zainab Khatoon 2nd prize

Sakshi Japarkar 1st prize
Sunita Jaiswal 2nd prize

Pratima Gupta 1st prize

Hindi typing 
Muskan Sheikh 1st prize
Shalini Jaiswal 2nd prize
Tabassum Jamal 3rd prize
Umme Kulsum Consolation prize

Street play 
Beti bachao group 1st prize
Ang Daan group and Mobile group Consolation prizes
Leadership camp was held at Panvel from 1st to 3rd August 2019. 2 students participated Shraddha Patil from SY BCom AFI and Kareena Remulkar from SYBMS. Kareena Remulkar was awarded as the Best Helpful Leader

Students performed a play ‘Get Set Go!’ at the 48th IPTA Mumbai (Indian People’s Theatre Association)– ICDC (Inter Collegiate Drama Competition for one-act Hindi / Urdu / Hindustani plays) on 26th September at Tejpal Auditorium . They won Kaifi Azmi Trophy for Critics Award. The team also got qualified for the eliminations round amongst 21 best colleges from all over the state and were selected among the top six finalists. The Play was written by Mr. Hardik Dedhia and directed by Mr. Anshuman Bangaria.

Ms. Sofiya Shaikh and Ms. Nikhat, SYBA (Eco-FN) students won the First Prize for their High Protein recipe on Multigrain Momos using Herbalife Protein powder from among 20 participants at the Cookery contest organised at SVT College of Home Science on 25th September2019. This contest was part of National Nutrition Week celebrations.

Best Cadet competition was held at S.P.N Doshi Women’s College, Ghatkopar on 12th October 2019. 5 cadets attended this activity and CPL Sakshi Mishra got 1st winner trophy of Best Cadet.

RDC Probable camp was held at Kalyan 23rd September to 2nd October 2019. 4 cadets were selected for the next camp. CPL Reshma Patil got certificate of 2nd position in Best Drill.

RDC probable (CATC-407) 7 Cadets attended camp on 4th October to 13th October 2019. Cadet Pranali Mandavkar got certificate of Best in Drill.

Sr. Inter Collegiate Wrestling Competition was held at SNDT Women’s University Pune Campus on 23rd October 2019. Kareena Remulkar (S.Y.BMS) got 2nd prize for the same

Sr. Inter Collegiate Tournament was held at Kolhapur dated 26th to 30th September 2019. Following prizes were won:
Name of the student  Event Prize
Amna Sayyad (T.Y.B.COM) Carrom 1st Prize
Aishwarya Bandarapur (S.Y.BA)   Awarded Best Player
Shubhangi Bhagat (F.Y.B.COM) Fencing 3rd Prize
Pranita Hatankar (S.Y.B.COM) 100mts Running 1st Prize
Rupali Patil (S.Y.BA) Javelin Throw 4th Prize
80 mts Hurdles 4th Prize
Relay 4th Prize
Pranita Hatankar (S.Y.B.COM) 10km Marathon 15th Place
Divya Thange (S.Y.B.COM) 10km Marathon 15th Place
Nidhi Patankar (F.Y.B.COM) 10km Marathon 15th Place
SYBA (Eco-FN) students participated in a seminar on Food for Holistic Health at SVT College of Home Science on 25-9-2019. They also took part in competitions organised as part of the National Nutrition Month. Two teams each of 2 students in a poster making based on food labelling and three teams of 2 students each in cookery contest using Herbalife high fiber and high protein powders.

Ms TejalGurav ,student,FYBA was selected for Dance act at P. L. Mahotsav organized by Maharashtra State Govt at P. L. Deshpande Kala Academy on 13th Nov 2019.

Ms Amruta Shewale TYBA Sociology (Marathi Medium student) won 3rd Prize in Elocution competition in Intercollegiate Competition 'Udaan ' organised by LJNJ Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Vile parle East.

Aachal Waghela (FYB.A. Psychology) won the BEST ACTRESS award in Rangbhumi Karandak, an open state-level Marathi one-act play competition held during 8th November – 22nd November 2019 at Parel, Mumbai. Around 40 colleges and amateur institutes across Maharashtra participated in the contest.

Our students were selected in Adi Marzban-one act play competition on 7th December 2019 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai. The same team participated in “Atal Karandak” One Act Play competition and won the BEST PLAY and participation trophy.

Following students won Gold medalat 69thAnnual convocation function held at SNDT University on 18thJanuary 2020:

  • Ms. Urvashi Jadejaba for standing First in the Gujarati Medium at the B.A Examination institutedin the name of Smt. Vasantben Hiralal Kaji
  • Ms. Janvi Kothare for standing first in Economics in the M.Com Examination organised by United States of Global Peace on 10th December, 2018.
  • Ms. Bhagyashri Shewale for securing highest marks in D.C. Sociology instituted in the name of ShrimatiIndirabai Kulkarni
  • Department of Hindi organized Inter-Collegiate student seminar. titled “Samkalin Hindi Kahani :Vibhinn Swar”. on 22nd February 2020. 22 students from 10 different colleges participated in the research pap0er competition. Ms. ShaliniJaiswal and Ms. SakshiJharaprkarwon IInd prize at B.A and M.A level respectively
  • Ms. Shaili Parekh and Ms. Urvashi Manot, MA II Psychology students presented a paper titled 'Mental Health Seeking Attitude and Self Stigma' at the Bombay Psychological Association Conference organized by St. Xavier's College, Goa at St. Joseph Vaz spiritual renewal centre, Old Goa on 12th and 13th February, 2020
Ms. Sakshi Zaraparkar,student of MA I represented our college in an official poster of CASI MAHA Mun jointly organized by Government of Maharashtra on 28th February 2020. She was selected to represent Nigeria to talk about the environment problems that are being faced by them.
CPL Shraddha Patil was awarded Best Supportive Cadet and Ms..Neha Gharat (T.Y.B.Com) was awarded Best Sports Player by Nehru Yuwa Kendra Mumbai on the occasion of International Women’s day on 8th March 2020.
3 FYBA students of Child Development participated in 3 days online competitions organized by Maniben Nanavati Women's College and RAAH Initiative (dept. of Child Development) between 12th to 14th April 2020 during lockdown. Theme of the competition was :’Think.Grow.Fly’.: Ms. Misbah Shaikh, \won the following prizes in the above competition
  • 3rd Prize in Make a Meme competition
  • 2nd Prize in Power of Word - Write a quote competition
4 SYBA- CD students have registered in a self paced 2 weeks course (free of cost) offered by TCS on sharpening skills
8 SYBA Child Development students have registered for Online ‘Women's Health and Wellness’ Workshop organised by Dept. of Physical Education and Sports SNDTWU in collaboration with Khel Rang, Fitness and Sports Science Association from 28th to 30th April 2020
36 students of FY, SY, TY BAMM have successfully completed a three day ‘Digital Marketing’ Mini Course organised by North Storm Academy from 3rd April to 5th April, 2020.
  • August 2023
    • Ms Shraddha Phajage, SYBMS student represented our college and SNDT Women’s University on The Youth Chat Show organised by Prasar Bharati, Akashvani Mumbai in collaboration with SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, under India’s G20 Presidency on 23rd August 2023.
    • Ms. Kumud Desai, won First prize and Ms. Nirmala Shedge won third prize in the “Mommania” Cookery Intercollegiate contest organised by the Department of Home Economics in collaboration with the Nutrition Society of India (Chapter) held on Friday, 4th August 2023.
    • 8 students participated in three day Leadership Training Camp organized by SNDT women's University at Shantiwan, Nere, Panvel. The team comprised of 2 students each from sports department, NCC, cultural department and NSS). The Camp included activities such as aerobics tribal dance and yoga
    • Ms. Heema Devi, TYBA Sociology:
    • Participated in “Kavya Varsha” an Intercollegiate Poem Recitation competition at SNDT University, Mumbai on Monday, 21st August 2023.
    • Received the “Best Confident Leader” award on the National sports day.
  • September 2023
    Our students participated in various competitions at Regional Yuva Mahotsav organised by S.N.D.T. University on 15th & 16th September, 2023 and won prizes as follows
    • Ms. Minakashi Shukla TYBA Hindi received 1st Prize in Essay Competition
    • Ms. Nandini Shukla MA Hindi II received 2nd Prize debate Competition, 3rd Prize each in Essay Competition, and Poetry Competition
    • Ms. Shraddha Phajage, SYBMS student won 3rd prize in Marathi elocution
    • Ms. Shraddha Phajage & Ms. Shraddha Pingale won 2nd prize in Marathi debate Competition
  • October 2023
    • Ms. Pranali Rasal, SY BAMM was selected for the Softball State tournament held at GadhChiroli from 19th to 25th October 2023.
    • Ms. Pratiksha Raj, FY BCOM-AFI won First prize in 10km by “Sketchchers go run” club 10 km performance run at Shivaji Park on 29th October 2023.
    • Ms. Naziya Shaikh received First prize in the Cartooning and Painting competition organised by Yin Kala Mahotsav Intercollegiate festival organised by Sakal Group from 25 th to 27th October 2023.
    • Ms. Hima Devi, TYBA secured third place in debate competition organised by Yin Kala Mahotsav Intercollegiate festival organised by Sakal Group on from 25 th to 27th October 2023.
    • Ms. Hrishita Kadlag secured second prize in volleyball and third prize in quiz competition organised by “Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat” Camp (2023) organised by NCC Directorate Uttar Pradesh at Swami Harsewanand from 17th to 28th October, 2023.
    • Prizes won at Sr. Intercollegiate sports tournament organized by SNDT Women’s University at Kolhapur -
    • Ms. Pratiksha Raj- 10km Road race – 1st prize
    • Ms. Ruchita Patil - Wrestling – 1st prize
    • Ms. Pooja Yadav- Wrestling – 2nd place
    • Prizes won at in Athletics at Sr. Intercollegiate sports tournament organized by SNDT Women’s University at Churchgate -
    • Ms. Pratiksha Raj secured 2 nd place each in 3000 and 1500 mtr run and 3 rd place in 400 mtr run
  • December 2023
    Best Student Awardees
    PG Best Student Ms. Nandini Arunkumar Shukla
    (MA Hindi)
    First Runner-Up Ms. Bhoomi Mehta
    (MA Psychology)
    UG Best Student Ms. Shruti Sawant
    (BA Psychology)
    First Runner-Up Ms. Sneha Kumari Sahu (BAFI)
    Second Runner-Up Ms. Ashiya Miyaji (BMS)
    Ms. Namra Shaikh (BAMM)
    Third Runner-up Ms. Mariyam Shaikh (BCOM)
    Ms. Heema Devi (BA Sociology)
    Junior College Best Student Ms. Mahek Sarfaraz Bangi (12th B-Arts)
    First Runner-up Ms. Saniya Sabir Shaikh
    (12th D-Commerce)
    Second Runner-up Ms. Ansari Khushi Khatoon Shamshad
    (12th A-Commerce)
    Third Runner-up Ms. Samruddhi Sanjay Kadam
    (12th Vocational FPT)

    Winners under various categories in the Annual Day Event
    Solo Singing First Ms. Khushi Koyal
    Second Ms. Namra Shaikh
    Third Ms. Suman Bhagwadeen
    Solo Dance First Ms. Dhiti Hedamba
    Second Ms. Anita Shinde
    Third Ms. Diksha Datta Ghanavale
    Duet Dance First Ms. Akshata Dolas
    Ms. Shrutisha More
    Second Ms. Sakshi Ranbhare
    Ms. Rukhsar Shaukat Pathan
    Group Dance First Ms. Sahin Ansari
    Ms. Rojmin Shaikh
    Ms. Sabnoor Ansari
    Ms. Afifa Ansari
    Ms. Anita Shinde
    Ms. Shweta Yadav
    Second Ms. Daniya Shaikh
    Ms. Akanksha Patkar
    Ms. Aarti Singh
    Ms. Anam Khan
    Ms. Saadia Sayed
    Ms. Samrin Shaikh
    Ms. Nida Waghoo
    Ms. Raisa Shaikh
    1. Ms. Manali Manchekar, FY BA (Marathi Medium), recited her poems at 15 th Mahavidyalayeen Sahitya Sammelan organised by Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh & Smt. P N Doshi Women’s College, Ghatkopar on 16 th December, 2023.
    2. Ms. Rituja Yadav of TY BA (Marathi Medium) & Ms Tisha Jadhav of FY BA (Marathi Medium) won 1 st place in the Tug-Of-War competition in the Sports Day organised by the college on 16 th December, 2023.
    3. Ms. Tisha Jadhav of FY BA (Marathi Medium) won the 3 rd place in 4x100 Mtr. relay competition in the Sports Days organised by college on 16 th December 2023.
    4. Ms. Diksha Ghanvate of FY BA (Marathi Medium) won the 3 rd prize in Solo Dance during Annual Day organized by college on 21 st December, 2023. She also won the 2 nd Place in Solo Dance during NSS Camp organized by college on 28 th December, 2023.
    5. Ms. Pratiksha Raj won 1 st place In 10 Km Run on 17 th December 2023 at ASA Greenathon organised by Airoli Sports Association.
    6. The student cricket team won the 2 nd prize at Inter Collegiate Women’s Indoor Cricket Tournament organised by Maha Indoor Cricket Association at Shivaji Park, Dadar..
    7. Ms. Komal Rampure (SY BCom) won 1 st place in the Dance competition at Kendriya Vibhag Yuva Mohotsav
    8. The student Kho-Kho and Kabaddi teams secured 4 th place at “Festival of Indian Games kho-kho and kabaddi tournament 2023” organised by Maharshi Dayanand College of Arts, Science and Commerce, from 4 th to 11 th December 2023.
  • January 2024
    • Two Students from the Economics department were selected for internship at “Pa Se Paisa Information Solution”.
    • Ms. Vrunda Pangam, TY BMS, presented a research paper titled “E- Waste Management In India – Issues & Strategies” on 10th February, 2024 at MES Garware College of Commerce, Pune.
  • February 2024
    • Ms. Faiza Khan, TYBCom -AFI secured Second position in “RANG 2023”, a Nationwide Art & Performance Competition.
    • Ms. Naziya Shaikh, SY BA secured third prize in National level Drawing Competition “RANG 2023” - 2nd All India Art and Performance Competition organized by Nirman Pratishthan. She also secured 2nd prize for poster making competition at “Arth Festival” organised by Economics Department of Smt. P.N Doshi women's College, Ghatkopar on 4th February, 2024.
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